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Protection and Licensing Solution

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Copy Protection

Copy protection against piracy and reverse engineering
Protect your software against illegal copy, piracy, and reverse engineering. Enforce software licensing more practically and effectively.

License Management

Manage and control software licenses via registration, software key, activation key
Manage licenses and gain full control of software distribution, from registration, activation, transfer, upgrade, to ecommerce integration.

Software Update

Add automatic software update, manage software license subscription
Enhance your software with automatic update. Manage software subscription with automatic license update and genuine license validation.

State-of-the-Art Shell Protection

Copy protection and code protection shell wrapper, no coding needed
Secure your application and create the protected version for distribution - instantly, no coding needed.

KeyCheck for Windows and Mac

Keycheck API and SDK for Mac offer greater flexibility, better seamless integration, and enhanced security for your application.
Secure Windows application using KeyCheck API Secure macOS application using KeyCheck SDK for Mac
Our extensive class libraries and code example projects cut down your learning curve and help you to get started quickly.
Desktop Apps:
C#.NET VB.NET VC++.NET .NET WPF VB VC++ MFC Delphi C++Builder ANSI C Visual FoxPro AutoLISP LabWindows/CVI LabVIEW
Microsoft Office:
Access Excel Word VBA
Web Apps:
Mac OS Apps:
XCode Objective-C C++ x86-64 Apple M1
Java Qt Delphi C++ Builder FireMonkey
Windows CE/Mobile Apps:

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Recent News

Jan 4, 2022
  • KeyCheck Delphi library added support for 64-bit macOS (x86-64 architecture) and ARM 64-bit macOS (Apple Silicon M1)
  • Added KeyCheck C# example projects for console application
Oct 8, 2021
  • KeyCheck VB library added support for VBA7 and 64-bit Office
  • Updated KeyCheck .NET and LicenseGen .NET code examples for the latest Visual Studio version
Aug 12, 2021
  • KeyCheck SDK for Mac added support for Apple Silicon ARM64
Jul 26, 2021
  • ElecKey Integrator added option to set internal commands in the registration dialog box
June 1, 2021
  • Updated ElecKey agents to resolve conflict with Google Drive driver

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