I’m not a programmer and need an easy wizard style program to use with no coding involved.

You may start by downloading the ElecKey 2.0 Express from our website. After installation, run ElecKey Integrator to wrap you program. Simply follow the wizard dialogs until finish. You can use the default settings and options. When you will get in this stage is the protected version of your program. So you keep your original unprotected version in a separate folder, and distribute the protected version to your clients.
When the client runs the protected version, a registration dialog box will pop up showing a Registration ID. To license or unlock the program, you run LicenseKey Manager, enter the received Registration ID and generate the License Key to be returned to the client.
If you test the protected version on the machine ElecKey installed, please run the Key Inspector when doing tests. The Key Inspector allows you to see the Keys installed on the machine. You can see and track the state of the program license. Please remember to use the Inspector to delete any existing Keys before beginning a new test. This will ensure that no two Keys or licenses get mixed up.