How automatic license activation works from my website, and what part do we need to set up?

The process works as follows:
  1. From your website, e.g purchase page, the user would click the purchase button. This will link to your e-commerce provider, e.g. PayPal or Share-it.
  2. The user would make a credit card payment through the provider.
  3. If this is successful, the provider will link to your Activation Server. The information from the provider basically includes the purchased product, user info e.g. name, email, etc.
  4. The Activation Server saves all user info in the database, and generates a new account and Activation Key to be emailed automatically to the user.
  5. The user can use the Activation Key to login to the My Account page to download the software.
  6. After installation, the user enters the Activation Key to activate the license. It is done automatically through online activation.
  7. Optionally, if an Internet connection is not available, offline activation through web-based, phone, email are also provided.
The part you need to set up:
  1. Use ElecKey to protect your software. It's recommended that you download the free trial version to try it out and ensure that it works with your software and as you wanted.
  2. Deploy the Activation Server on your server, or a shared hosted server, or a cloud server. The basic requirements are Windows IIS with .NET Framework, and MS Access database.
  3. Sign to an account with an e-commerce provider. PayPal and Share-it have been fully tested to be compatible with our system. Some customization will be needed for other e-commerce providers.
Demo server
We have a live demo Activation Server available online. Below is some example how the system would look like.
The Activation Manager for managing the users of your software.

Username: Administrator

Password: Administrator

The following includes 2 parts. The top is web activation where you user can enter the Activation Key to obtain the License Key on-demand (e.g. in case the user machine doesn't have an internet, then use a smart phone to access the web instead).
The bottom is the PayPal Payment Demo. When the payment is completed, the order confirmation email containing the Activation Key will be sent out automatically. The user can then use the Activation Key to activate the purchased product.