Could you brief me how to protect my applications using ElecKey?

Below, please find a quick start guide how to use ElecKey to protect your software. It is very simple and easy. You will get the protected version of your software within a few minutes that is ready to be distributed and licensed to the users.
Step 1: Protect your application
To protect your application, use ElecKey Integrator to wrap your executable (such as EXE, DLL, OCX, .NET Assembly) with our state-of-the-art shell protection. It is very simple and easy; and no programming needed. Simply follow the ElecKey Integrator dialogs to configure the settings and options. You can also configure the dialog boxes (such as registration, license information, etc.) that would appear when running the protected application. What you will get in this step is the protected version of your executable that is ready to be distributed or deployed to the user.
Step 2: Distribute your application
When creating an installation setup, include your protected executable along with the ElecKey system files, as well as your other files. You can then securely distribute your application to the user, via any means such as Internet, download, CD, DVD, flash drive, etc.
When the user installs and runs the application for the first time, a Key will be created on the hard drive. Technically, the Key provides a mechanism to lock the application to the machine, and allows you to control the application via licensing. This mechanism is totally transparent to the user. The user only needs to obtain a License Key, and enters it in the activation dialog box to use the application.
Step 3: License your application
To license your application, use LicenseKey Manager. You can define the licensing properties (such as enabled features, expiration date, etc.) to generate the License Key to be returned to the user.
When the user enters the License Key into the application, the licensing properties are updated to the Key. The application is now licensed; for instance, it is turned from an unregistered or trial version into the full version.