Comparing software pretection and licensing solutions?

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The list below compares our prominent features and solutions to some of the alternatives.

ElecKey vs SofPro

Free Online Support and Version Updates
We offer online support via email - absolutely free. Besides, you also get version updates for new features and fixes for the lifetime of the product. You don't need to pay for any annual maintenance fee or support contract.
KeyCheck API for Windows and Mac
Our KeyCheck API offers an alternative to the shell protection method. It can provide greater flexibility, better seamless integration, and enhanced security. It also allows you to protect a wider range of applications such as Java, Qt, XCode, Objective-C.
Learn about KeyCheck API for Windows
Learn about KeyCheck API for Mac
Professional Network-based Protection
Our network-based protection and licensing solution includes the on-premise license server that can manage a pool of application licenses via the TCP/IP client-server communication. We do not use the less efficient method of shared drive.
Learn about NetKey License Server
Floating and Roaming Network Licensing Solution
Our enterprise network-based protection offers both floating concurrent licenses and roaming licenses for corporate environments. The roaming license provides greater flexibility and convenience, allowing the user to check out a license from the pool, disconnect from the network, and use the application off-site.
Learn about network licensing solution
Automatic License Update/Validation
This is a vital feature that empowers you to offer your application as software subscription. With automatic license update, the application will automatically connect to the Activation Server in background process to update the license (e.g. upgrade features, renew subscription).
During license update, the validation also checks against the user account on the server. If the account becomes invalid (e.g. fraudulent), the server will return an instruction to the application to remove the license automatically.
Learn about automatic license Update and validation
UpdateShield and UpdateCheck API
Our UpdateShield solution provides a quick and simple solution to enhance your software with the ability to check for updates, download, and install automatically. The UpdateCheck API provides greater flexibility and better seamless integration to add the automatic software update system into your application.
Learn about UpdateShield and software update