Software Subscription

A solution for software license and update management that empowers you to offer your application as software subscription.
Software Subscription

Software Update Subscription

A better way to manage and distribute software updates to your application.
The Update Server, included in UpdateShield Enterprise (and ElecKey Ultimate PLUS), provides an account-based solution for software update management. So you can take control over when and how individual users can gain access to the software updates.
Update Manager
Software Support Subscription
The Update Server enables you to offer software support on a subscription basis in which only registered users can have your application updating automatically to the latest version at all times.
Large Scale Software Updates
Deploying software updates to thousands of users can pose a significant risk from different factors (e.g. server/network resources, time zones). An unsuccessful update deployment can damage the user experience and result in support headaches. The Update Server can help. It allows you to deploy the software update as phased rollouts for different target users at a time.
On-Premise Local Update Server
The Update Server can be deployed as an on-premise update server that subscribes and caches the software updates locally in the corporate environment. Deployed along with NetKey License Server, it offers a perfect enterprise solution for the software distributed as concurrent, floating, roaming network licenses.

Software License Subscription

A solution to make your application ready for software subscription.
Only available in ElecKey Ultimate PLUS, the combined Activation Server and Update Server offer an integrated account-based solution for both software license and update management. It provides a complete platform that empowers you to offer your application as software subscription.
Automatic License Update
When started, the application connects to the Activation Server automatically in background process to update the license (e.g. upgrade features, renew subscription). You can enable the interval in days that the application must connect to the server.
License Validation
During license update, the validation checks against the user account on the server. If the account becomes invalid (e.g. fraudulent) and flaged as Destroyed, the server will return an instruction to the application to remove the license automatically.
Genuine Validation
The genuine validation provides an extra security measure to protect the application against piracy. It determines and ensures that the license must be activated properly via the Activation Server. Otherwise, if the license is activated by other means (e.g. illegal keygen), it will not pass the genuine validation.
Activation Manager