Comparing software pretection and licensing solutions?

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The list below compares our prominent features and solutions to some of the alternatives.
ElecKey vs Alternatives
CodeMeter / WibuKey

ElecKey vs CodeMeter / WibuKey

Perpetual License
ElecKey prices are one-time perpetual license. There is no need to maintain and renew subscription license periodically. You can rest assured that your ElecKey (and your software licensing services) will continue to work without interruption.
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Unlimited Online License Activations
Unlike the alternative solution where products and activation transactions are limited by tier subscription fees, our Activation Server solution allows unlimited online activations for any of your products.
Your Own Activation Server with Source Code
You get the Activation Server software including full source code. You can deploy it on your own server or cloud service provider. So, you can secure your customer data and licenses by means of appropriate measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity, as well as regulatory compliance.
In addition, the source code allows you to customize your own Activation Server as you want, for instance, extending its functionality, integrating with your CRM system, and interfacing with your ecommerce provider.
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Shell Protection Wrapper
Our state-of-the-art shell protection offers the wrapper method that can secure your application and create the protected version for distribution instantly, no coding needed. Besides, the provided KeyCheck library includes the instant API that you can you protect your application with little source code changes.
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Make Your Own USB License Dongles
We offer one of the most flexible and cost-effective USB license dongle solutions in the industry. You can make your own USB license dongles from normal USB flash drives - unlimited and royalty free.
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Easy-to-Use USB Dongle Solution - No Driver Needed
Unlike the alternative USB license dongles that need an installation of OS compatible driver, our USB dongle solution is simple and easy-to-use with no driver needed. In addition, you can save your software on the USB dongle and have the application run directly on it.
UpdateShield and UpdateCheck API
Our UpdateShield solution provides a quick and simple solution to enhance your software with the ability to check for updates, download, and install automatically. The UpdateCheck API provides greater flexibility and better seamless integration to add the automatic software update system into your application.
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