ElecKey Release 9

ElecKey R9

ElecKey is a suite of software and tools that provide a complete solution for software security, copy protection, and license management. It allows you to protect your software against piracy, tampering, and reverse-engineering, as well as gain full control over secure software distribution and licenses.

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Software Copy Protection

software copy protection

ElecKey offers the copy protection technology that enables you to protect your software against illegal copy and unauthorized use, and enforce software license more practically and effectively. So you can ensure that the distribution of your software is always secure. And, the user can use the software only as allowed by the license.

For macOS

ElecKey provides the KeyCheck SDK for Mac that allows you to  protect and license applications running on macOS platforms both Apple M1 Silicon ARM64 and Intel x86-64. The SDK includes a set of libraries and   code examples for both C++ and Objective-C.

For Windows

ElecKey provides a full set of software and tools that allow you to protect a variety of applications running on Windows platforms, including desktop, web ASP.NET, and Windows Mobile.

Desktop App Protection

Shell Protection Wrapper

The state-of-the art shell protection can  wrap over the executable (e.g. EXE, DLL,   OCX, .NET assembly), allowing you to    create the protected version instantly. No coding skills required!


KeyCheck API and .NET Component

The KeyCheck API includes 32/64-bit DLLs, .NET Component, and Class Library that provide higher security, better seamless integration, and greater flexibily to support more app types.

Web App Protection

KeyCheck ActiveX

The ActiveX Automation Server allows you  to protect client- and server-side web apps developed by ASP.NET or JavaScript. The solution also allows you to control the concurrent ASP.NET users/sessions.

Mobile App Protection

KeyCheck Mobile & .NET CF Component

The KeyCheck Mobile provides the solution for protecting and licensing Windows CE / Windows Mobile apps. It includes DLL for native mobile apps using Visual C++ and .NET CF Component for managed apps.

Software Licensing

ElecKey supports a variety of software licensing methods. You can choose from node-locked, USB dongle, network licenses, as well as different combinations.

Node-Locked License

Node-locked license provides software-based protection that ties the application to a specific machine via hardware fingerprints. So you can distribute your software securely online over the Internet.

USB Dongle License

USB dongle license provides dongle- based protection that ties the application to a physical USB device.  It also provides a more flexible node- locked license solution that allows the user to transfer the dongle license between machines easily.

Network License

Network license offers network-based copy protection that ties the application to a specific license server on the network. The solution includes the NetKey License Server (NKLS) that administers a pool of licenses to the application. It supports both floating concurrent licenses and roaming licenses.

Software License Management

ElecKey provides a complete license management solution that allows you to gain full control in every stage of software distribution, from license registration, activation, upgrade, to deactivation, as well as ecommerce integration. Besides, it offers an integrated solution across platforms for Windows, macOS, and different licensing methods.

License Registration

License registration provides a simple and easy license management solution. You can use the provided tools (such as LicenseKey Manager) to generate serial keys to the user. With various licensing options, you can generate the serial key     to unlock software or turn it into different distributions.

Online License Activation

Online license activation provides a more advanced solution. It includes the Activation Server that allows you deploy an automated online licensing service for your software. It also provides interfaces to ecommerce providers such as PayPal. So you can fully automate the entire process of software sales and license management.

Automatic License Update

Automatic license update enhances the software update functionality, allowing the application to connect to the server and update the license automatically online (e.g. renewing subscription licenses). You can also deploy automatic license validation that allows you to destroy blacklisted licenses remotely.