The Updater is an agent for the application that performs the automatic software update tasks, including connecting to the server, checking for updates, downloading, and installing the updates. The Updater is commanded by the application. The interface between the Updater and the application is provided through Updater ID, which encodes both Key ID and Program ID. The Updater ID allows the application to identify and interface with its associated Updater. Essentially, you must assign the same Program ID (and Key ID) to the protected application and its Updater.


You can specify the Updater options by using UpdateShield Builder, which include the Updater style, update notification, check-for-update frequency, download confirmation, and installation confirmation.


The Updater is an executable file (UPDSHL10.EXE) that must be included and deployed with the protected application. The file must be placed in the same directory of the application.


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