Interfacing with ElecKey

You can use UpdateShield to add the automatic software update capability to the application that is already protected by ElecKey. However, if the application is protected by the ElecKey shell protection, you cannot apply the UpdateShield shell protection to wrap over the protected application. In this case, you can interface the ElecKey system with the Updater by enabling the UpdateShield system in the KCAPI.INI file. This file must be placed in the same directory as the protected program file.


The following is the format of the KCAPI.INI file.





Header information.


The Updater ID is provided in UpdateShield Builder, under the Status tab.


The flag to enable the Updater to terminate the application before executing the downloaded update.

0 = Disabled

1 = Enabled


Below is an example of the KCAPI.INI file.






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