Software Update Subscription

This tutorial demonstrates how to setup and deploy the software update subscription system to your application. An example scenario is that you offer your application through a subscription model in which only subscribed users can gain access to download the new updates available to the application.


The setup includes integrating the automatic software update capability to your application by interfacing with the Updater, and then builds the Client Side index file. To deploy the Update Server as the software update server, you can configure it via its web-based control panel called Update Manager.


To offer software update subscriptions, you can create user accounts in Update Manager. When distributing your application, you can assign a User ID to each user. When the application performs software update, the Updater connects to the software update server. When the software update server verifies the received User ID and validates the subscription, it replies with a message containing the latest update information. The Updater then checks against its Client Side index file if a new update is available. If so, the Updater uses the provided link in the reply to download the update, before installing it to the application.

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