Software Update Subscription: Interfacing the Updater

The following instructions use UpdateShield Integrator (the shell protection method) to interface the application with the Updater. The necessary settings are described below. However, you may change the options as you want.


Besides the shell protection method, you may also use the provided UpdateCheck API (including the UpdateCheck Class Library and the UpdateCheck .NET Component) to interface your application with the Updater. In this case, please see the provided code examples (in the \Examples folder) for more information.

To Interface the Updater

1.     Run UpdateShield Integrator. The wizard dialog box appears.

2.     In the Specify Protected Program dialog, specify your program file name in the Original field. In the Target field, specify a different name for the protected program file that will be created.

3.     In the Set Identification dialog, assign a Program ID in the Program ID field.

4.     In the Set Options dialog, click the Protection Options button.

5.     In the Protection Options dialog, click the UpdateShield tab. Then, check the Enable Automatic Software Update checkbox, and select the option Perform auto-update if the subscription is valid.

6.     In the Summary dialog, review the action you have chosen.

7.     Click the Integrate button. The protected version of your program file will be created.


It is recommended that you save your unprotected program file in a safe place. You can then rename the protected version to its original file name, and use it further to create a setup package and distribute your application to the user.

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