Local Update Server: Offering Software Update Subscriptions

To offer a software update subscription, you can create a user account in Update Manager in which a User ID will also be generated. You can then enter the subscribed date and the subscription month. When a user subscribes to the software update service, you provide the User ID and the Updater ID (obtained from UpdateShield Builder). The subscription is ready when the user configures the application (specifically, the Updater) with the provided User ID and Updater ID.

To Create a User Account

1.     Logon to Update Manager, and click the Accounts menu.

2.     Click the Insert New Account button. A new record is created.

3.     On the new record, click the Edit button.

4.     In the Product drop-down list, select the product for the created user account.

5.     You can enter the user information in the provided fields such as RegName/UserName, RegOrg/ComputerName, FirstName, LastName, Email, etc.

6.     In the Subscription_month edit box, enter the subscription month.

7.     In the SubscribedDate edit box, enter the subscribed date.

8.     Click the Update button.

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