Local Update Server: Deploying the Local Update Server

The following is the instructions for the corporate administrator to deploy and setup the Update Server as a local update server. After setup, the administrator must initialize the local update server by adding an update package and add a product. After that, when the Updater (configured as the admin type) on the local update server downloads a new update, it will automatically create a new package in the local update server. The administrator can then edit the product to enable the new update to be available for the corporate users.

To Deploy the Local Update Server

1.     Copy all files from the local update server package (e.g. \LocalUpdateServer) and paste them to a local path of the server (e.g. C:\LocalUpdateServer).

2.     Set the Database folder as a shared folder, and set permissions to allow modify.

3.     From the Control Panel, select Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

4.     Right-click on the Defualt Web Site, and then select New > Virtual Directory.

5.     The Virtual Directory Creation Wizard appears. Click the Next button.

6.     In the Alias edit box, enter your virtual directory alias (e.g. LocalUpdateServer). Click the Next button.

7.     In the Directory edit box, enter the path where the local update server files are placed (e.g. C:\LocalUpdateServer). Click the Next button.

8.     Set the virtual directory to allow the following permissions: Read, Run scripts (such as ASP). Click the Next button, and then click the Finish button.

9.     Test the local update server by opening a browser and enter the URL: http://hostname/localupdateserver/updatemanager.aspx.

To Add a Product

1.     Logon to Update Manager, and click the Products menu.

2.     Click the Insert New Product button. A new record is created.

3.     On the new record, click the Edit button.

4.     In the ProductName edit box, enter your product name.

5.     In the ProgramID edit box, enter the Program ID of your application.

6.     In the ProductTitle edit box, enter the product title to be shown by the Updater.

7.     In the FullPackage drop-down list, select the package you have created.

8.     Click the Update button.

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