USB LicenseKey Manager - Key Properties Pane

The Key Properties pane allows you to define the licensing properties for making the USB License Key (dongle) to license the protected application. Before making, you may specify the following settings under the File menu.


         Set Key Value. The Set Key Value menu item allows you to generate 10 random key-value pairs to be stored in the Key. The Key Value can be accessible if you protect your application using the KeyCheck API. The application can use the Key Value to create a series of random challenge-response authentication to the USB License Key, which can provide extra security to protect against dongle emulation.

         Set Content Files. The Set Content Files menu item allows you to specify the folder that contains the content files of your application. All files will be copied to the USB drive automatically during the making.

To make the USB License Key, click the Make button. The Make Key dialog box will appear. You can attach one or several blank USB drives (via a USB hub) to your computer. Then, select the checkboxes of the drives you want to make the USB License Key, and click the Make button.

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