USB LicenseKey Manager Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab allows you to define advanced licensing properties, which include Key Data and User ID.

Key Data

Specify data for the 64-byte space in the Key. In addition, you can enable the Items mode of Key Data by clicking on the Items1, Items2, Items3, and Items4 buttons. The Items dialog box will appear. You can then use the provided checkboxes to enable/disable the Item IDs.


The Add to existing Key Data checkbox determines how the Key Data or licensed Item IDs are applied to the Key. When disabled, they replace to the Key. When enabled, they add to the Key. For more details about the Key Data addition, see Appendix: Advanced Key Data and Compatibility.


noteNOTE: Key Data is an advanced feature. You must use the full KeyCheck API to protect your application, to be able access and utilize the Key Data as well as the Item IDs.

User Identification

Assign a unique User ID for the Key, from 1 to 2,147,483,647. The default value is zero, which means no User ID assigned. The User ID allows you to easily identify each individual user of the protected application. The User ID is needed when licensing the application using the RKUB (Remote Key Update Broadcast) feature.