USB Key/USB License

USB Key or USB License is the implementation of the Key system on the USB flash drive to be used a hardware dongle. The USB drive ID signature is used to tie the protected application to a specific USB Key. As a result, the application is licensed to a specific USB Key only.

noteNOTE: The USB flash drive must meet the technical standards required to make the dongle, which can be found in products by well-branded, trusted companies such as SanDisk, Kingston, Lexar, Transcend, etc.

As USB License provides dongle-based protection, you can license the application by making the USB Key to be provided to the user. To run the application, the user must attach the provided USB Key to the computer. An advantage of USB License is that the user can easily transfer the license of the application by moving the USB Key from one computer and attaching it to another computer.

While the USB Key is used as a dongle, it also supports license registration and activation. Specifically, you can send the user a License Key (or use Activation Key) to remotely update the licensing properties of the USB Key.

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