Transfer Utility

The Transfer utility (TRANSFER.EXE) allows the user to transfer the license for the protected application between machines via the License Key. In order to transfer the license from one machine to another, the user must run the Transfer utility on both machines. Assume you want to transfer the license from machine A to B, the steps are described below.


1.       Run the Transfer utility on machine B. The dialog box provides a Registration ID.

2.       Run the Transfer utility on machine A. Then, enter the Registration ID provided by machine B. In this step, the utility generates the License Key that encodes the current license status, and destroys the Key on the machine.

3.       On machine B, enter the License Key provided by machine A. The license transfer is complete.

Since the above transfer method requires an exchange of the Registration ID and License Key, the two machines should be within close proximity to each other. If one of the machines is located on a remote site, it is more practical to transfer the license through the Activation Server.


When the automatic activation option is enabled, the Transfer utility allows the user to deactivate the license via the Activation Key. In this case, the utility can connect to the Activation Server to perform a license deactivation request. The current license status is encoded into the License Key, and sent to the server automatically. Then, the Key on the machine is destroyed. After license deactivation, the user can run the protected application or the Register utility on another machine to activate (or retrieve) the current license from the server.

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