Destroy Utility

The Destroy utility (DESTROY.EXE) allows the user to destroy the license for the protected application. Specifically, the utility resets the Key system, but does not completely remove it from the hard drive. After destroying the license, the utility generates and displays a Destroy-Code that encodes information such as Program ID and the date/time stamp for verification. The user should be advised to return the Destroy-Code. You can then use LicenseKey Manager to verify it if the user has indeed destroyed the license. When the automatic activation option is enabled, the Destroy utility can connect to the Activation Server to perform a license destruction request. The Destroy-Code is then sent to the server for verification automatically.


noteNOTE: For security reasons, the Destroy utility does not destroy the trial license (i.e. the Key in the Evaluation / Not Registered mode), or the license that is already expired.


The Destroy utility can be useful in scenarios that you can verify if the user has indeed destroyed the license. For example, when the user requests a refund for the application already licensed, you can verify from the received Destroy-Code before issuing the refund.


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