ElecKey Integrator

ElecKey Integrator is a utility program that integrates the shell protection with your application. The shell protection provides the locking system and includes the instructions to make the Key on the computer's hard drive. In addition, the shell protection protects your application code against decompilation and reverse engineering. ElecKey Integrator is very easy-to-use. It uses a wizard style interface to guide you through the steps of configuring the settings, for example, protection options, Key options, distribution, and dialog boxes. Besides the shell protection, ElecKey Integrator can also generate the Initiate Code for the KeyCheck API, and build the end-user utilities for the protected application and for the Network Key.

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         Select Application License Type

         Select Integration Task

         Specify Protected Program

         Set Identifications

         Select Key Detection Method

         Set Options

         Choose Implementation

         Select Evaluation Mode

         Customize Messages

         Create End-User Utilities