Specify Protected Program

Specify a program file. ElecKey Integrator will create the protected version of the original with the specified target name. 


Enter the name of the program file to which you want integrate with the shell protection. The types of program files supported are:


·         Executables: .COM and .EXE

·         Dynamic Link Library: .DLL

·         ActiveX control: .OCX 


Enter a new name for the protected version of the original.

Detected Type

ElecKey Integrator automatically detects the type of the specified program file. The program types include:


·         DOS COM

·         DOS EXE

·         Win16 EXE

·         Win16 DLL

·         Win32 EXE

·         Win32 DLL

·         Win32 OCX

·         Win64 EXE

·         Win64 DLL

·         Win64 OCX

·         .NET EXE

·         .NET DLL


note NOTE: If .NET DLL is detected, a message box appears showing “Shell protection does not support this application type. Please use the KeyCheck API”. You are suggested to use the KeyCheck API to interface your application with the Key. Alternatively, you may use Microsoft ILMerge, which is a utility for merging multiple .NET assemblies into a single .NET assembly. When you merge your .NET DLL into the main .NET EXE, then you can use the .NET Encryption shell method to protect your main .NET EXE. ILMerge is available from the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=22914587-b4ad-4eae-87cf-b14ae6a939b0&displaylang=en


Select characteristic of the protected program. This helps ElecKey Integrator to provide appropriate options for the shell protection settings.


·         Normal. The protected program runs as a regular or console application.

·         Service. The protected program runs as a service or in background process.