UpdateCheck API

The API allows you to integrate the auto update system into your application with better seamless integration, greater flexibility, and wider support for application types.
UpdateCheck API

Key Features & Benefits

Greater Flexibility and Better Seamless Integration
The UpdateCheck API provides greater flexibility and better seamless integration to add the automatic software update system into your application. You can make customization as you want such as the Updater style, update notification, or adding the 'Check for Updates' menu into your application GUI.
UpdateCheck Class Library
The UpdateCheck Class Library provides a collection of classes that encapsulate the standard API functions, allowing you to integrate the automatic software update system into your application faster and easier. The provided class libraries include C#, VB.NET, VC.NET, VB, VC++, Delphi, and C++ Builder.
UpdateCheck .NET Component
The UpdateCheck .NET Component provides an easy-to-use component that is fully integrated with Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It provides a simpler and easier way to add the automatic software update system into .NET applications using visual and event-driven programming.
Plenty of Code Examples
The UpdateCheck API provides plenty of code examples for different programming languages. The examples are application projects that allow you to learn by examples, as well as copy and reuse the provided code in your application.
Technical Specifications
System Requirements:
Windows OS
Supported Platforms:
Win32, Win64, .NET
Library & Sample Code
Desktop Apps:
C++ Builder
MS Office:
MS Access
MS Excel
MS Word