ElecKey Download

The ElecKey products are available for download and free trial. The software is the latest version, fully functional with no limitations. So you can try all features and see how our solution can meet your needs.
Notes for Trial Users
The software available for download here is the latest version with full features. Except for ElecKey Internet/Enterprise/Ultimate, they do not include the Activation Server and Update Server packages. During your trial, we have live demo Activation Server and Update Server available online for quick testing (username / password: Administrator). You can login to check it out and try it at any time, without having to do the installation on your server.
Existing Customers
If you need to download your purchased product, you can download it here on this page. Note that ElecKey Internet/Enterprise/Ultimate do not include the Activation Server and Update Server packages.
If you own ElecKey Internet/Enterprise/Ultimate, you should login to My Account. You will be able to download the full setup of your purchased product.

Download ElecKey Evaluation

Choose the product you want to download and fill out the form below. You will receive an email containing the download link and the instructions to start your free trial. The email is sent out immediately, and you should receive it within seconds.
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