Update Server

Update Server is a software update solution that enables you to extend the manageability of software updates available to the users. It can provide software updates via subscription that allows you to have full control over who and when the user can gain access to download the updates. In addition, the Update Server also supports the enterprise solution to operate as a local update server that caches the updates locally. This enables the corporate administrator to control how and when client computers can download and update the application within the organization.


The solution consists of the following components:


         Update Database

The database basically contains three tables: accounts, products, and packages. The accounts table contains information about the users, including User ID, name, address, email, subscribed product, subscribed date, subscription month, etc. The products table contains the product catalog that links to latest update package in the packages table; whereas the packages table contains information about the update packages such as version, download link, etc.

         Update Web Service

The Update Web Service provides methods that allow the Updater of the application to check for updates. In addition, it also provides methods that allow you to interface with the Update Server to create user accounts as well as add new update packages.

The live demo site of the Update Web Service is available at:



         Update Manager

Update Manager is a web-based control panel that allows you to administer the Update Server and manage the updates available to the users. You can create user accounts, specify the subscribed product and the subscription period, as well as control how the user can gain access to the update service. In addition, you can create the product catalog, and add new update packages to each product when they become available.

The live demo site of Update Manager is available at:


Username: Administrator

Password: Administrator


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