USB LicenseKey Manager - Create Install Key Utility

The Create Install Key Utility menu item allows you to create the Install Key utility program for the USB License Key deployed as a connect-less dongle.. The utility allows the user to install (as well as remove) the Key from the USB dongle on to a hard drive as Machine License. See the topic End-User Utilities: USB License/Install Key for more details.

Install Key Utility Dialog Box


         Executable File. Specify the full path and file name to create the Install Key utility.

         Configuration File. Show the full path and file name of the configuration file of the Install Key utility.


         Program ID. Select Program ID of your application.

         Harddisk Key Location. Select the location to install the Key onto hard drive.

         Dialog Box Style. Select the dialog box style for the Install Key utility. The Default Dialog Box style is the standard Windows dialog box that is compatible with any Windows version. You can customize messages and labels in the dialog box. The HTML Dialog Box style is the HTML based dialog box that easily allows you to use HTML to customize the dialog box, including layout, texts, buttons, language, as well as adding images and using JavaScript and VBScript for more functionality.


noteNOTE: The HTML dialog box style uses a web browser control SHDOCVW.DLL that comes with Internet Explorer 4 and later. The computer must have this DLL installed to be able to load the HTML dialog box. In addition, the HTML dialog box style requires the ElecKey system file HDLG20.DLL that provides an interface between the utility and the web browser. This DLL must be deployed with the Install Key utility.


noteNOTE: If you choose to use the HTML dialog box style, you do not need to specify messages and labels for the default dialog box. However, it is recommended to do so. If the Install Key utility fails to load the HTML dialog box, it automatically switches to use the default dialog box style.

Default Dialog Box

         Main. Specify caption, text, and button labels for the Install Key utility.

         Labels. Specify labels for the Install Key utility.

         Messages. Specify messages and error messages for the Install Key utility.

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