Tutorials: USB License

This tutorial section provides step-by-step instructions on how to protect and license your application via USB License. USB License provides dongle-based protection in which you can license the application by making the USB License Key (dongle) to be provided to the user. The followings are the common scenarios for USB License.


         Full Distribution Node-Locked License

         Online Delivered USB License

         Feature-Based Node-Locked License

         Floating / Roaming Network License


In the above scenarios, you can use USB LicenseKey Manager to make unlimited USB License Keys. However, there are several scenarios in which you may want to authorize a third party (e.g. a distributor or manufacturer) to make the USB License Key on your behalf, for a limited number only. To support such a need, USB LicenseKey Manager allows you to create a distributor tool called USB LicenseKey Maker. The tool can be deployed in one of the following two modes.


         Distributor Licensing - Local Master License

         Distributor Licensing - Remote Master License