License Activation

License activation is becoming more popular and widely used today because it offers software vendors a more powerful and efficient way to manage distribution and licensing of software. In addition, it offers the user a simpler and easier way to activate the application instantly online via the Internet. Specifically, the user can simply use the received Activation Key to activate the license right away, without having to register the license using the Registration ID and License Key.


The license activation method is built on top of the license registration method. To provide online activation to the user, you must deploy the Activation Server to handle requests from the application. When the user enters the Activation Key to activate the license, an activation request containing both Activation Key and Registration ID is sent to the Activation Server via the network, in background process. When the Activation Server verifies that the Activation Key is a valid account, it returns a reply containing the generated License Key. As you can see, there is an exchange of Registration ID and License Key as in the license registration method. However, the license activation method can simplify and automate the whole process, which is also transparent to the user.


Whereas online activation requires that the computer running the application must have an Internet connection, the option for offline activation is also provided. In this case, the user can contact you via phone, fax, or email, and provide the Activation Key and Registration ID. You can use the Activation Server control panel called Activation Manager to generate the License Key manually to be returned to the user. The option of web-based activation is also provided. You can setup a webpage that interfaces with the Activation Server for generating the License Key on-demand. Hence, the user can use any computer or mobile device that can access the Internet to obtain the License Key from the provided webpage.

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