Activation Server

This section describes the Activation Server solution that enables you to protect and license your software through license activation. The solution offers a more powerful and efficient way to manage distribution and licensing of software. At the same time, it offers the user a simpler and easier way to be able to use the Activation Key to activate the license instantly online, via the Internet. The Activation Server solution can provide activation licensing service for the application protected as Machine License, USB License, and Mobile License.


Besides automatic online activation, the solution also provides support for offline activation in case the Internet connection is not available. In this case, the user can request and obtain the License Key via phone, fax, or email. You can also setup an activation web page that the user can use any computer or mobile device to request and obtain the License Key on-demand.


There are different ways you can deploy the Activation Server. For instance,


         You can use the Activation Server as the online web-based licensing tool, instead of using the desktop LicenseKey Manager tool. Then, you can manage licensing of your application from anywhere and from different devices.

         You can pre-generate Activation Keys in advance of the distribution of your software. Then, you can export the Activation Keys and print them as labels for distribution on CD/DVD. You can also provide a list of Activation Keys to your partners or affiliates that can help to sell your software.

         Furthermore, you can interface the Activation Server with ecommerce providers such as Share-it! and PayPal to fully automate the process of selling software and delivering the Activation Key.


noteNOTE: If you use the ElecKey trial version, you do not need to install the Activation Server. You can access the live demo Activation Server, which is available online at:

Username: Administrator

Password: Administrator


noteNOTE: The live demo Activation Server is provided for evaluation and testing purposes only. It only serves the application protected by the ElecKey trial version, specifically using the Key ID of 1111111111. If you already registered the license, your ElecKey (as well as your protected application) will have a unique Key ID. Then, you must deploy your Activation Server, which has the same unique Key ID.