Key Inspector

Key Inspector is a developer tool that allows you to inspect the Key system, which can be implemented as different types (e.g. Machine License, USB License, and Network License). The tool can search the Key installed on the machine and devices, allowing you to see the Key status and licensing properties. During the development phase, Key Inspector can help you to test the protected application and the licensing mechanism, and to determine if the protected application works as expected.


In addition, Key Inspector also provides remote inspection that allows you to inspect the Key system on other machines. The feature can be really useful, particularly when you need to diagnose the licensing problems reported by the user.


noteNOTE: During the development and testing of your application, it is recommended to run the Key Inspector tool. It can help you to see the Key and track the license status. You should always remember to use Key Inspector to destroy any existing Key before start a new test. This ensures that no old Key is left on the machine to cause any confusion in subsequent tests.


noteNOTE: When using Key Inspector to destroy the Key, it removes the Key system completely. Hence, you can make your machine in the fresh state as the end-user where the Key has never been existed. This easily allows you to test the protected application in the user environment on your machine, without having to do it on another machine.


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