Key Inspector - Inspecting Key Types

In the Detected Keys area, specify the Key Location. Key Inspector will search and list all the Keys found by their Program IDs. By selecting a Program ID from the list, the Key Properties are displayed. 

Machine License

The typical Key locations for Machine License are [All Users Profile], [User Profile], and drive C:, D:. You should search these locations.

USB License

You must specify the drive where the USB License Key (dongle) is attached to the machine.

Network License

You must first ensure that the server of your Network License has the NKLS (NetKey License Server) up and running. From the Connection menu, select Connect to License Server. Next, enter the IP address and port number of the NKLS, and click the Connect button. Then, you can specify the Key Location (on the server) you want to search the Key, which could be Machine License or USB License.

Mobile License

You must first attach the mobile device to your machine via a USB port. From the Connection menu, select Connect to Mobile Device. Then, you can specify the Key Location, which is typically on drive C:.


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