Installation on Winhost

Winhost ( ) uses its own control panel with .NET Full Trust supported by default. So the installation instructions can very simple and easy.

To Install Activation Server on Winhost

1.       FTP and login to your server.

2.       Create a new folder for the Activation Server, e.g. asv.

3.       From your ElecKey folder below, upload all files to the server under the asv folder.


4.       Login to your server control panel.

5.       From the Site tab, click on your domain name. The Site Manager page appears.


6.       Under the Site Tools pane, click on the Application Starting Point icon.


7.       From the Application Starting Point page, click the Create button.

8.       Next, enter the folder you created for the Activation Server (e.g. /asv) or click the Browse link to select the folder from the dialog box. Then, click the Create button.


9.       You can now test your Activation Server. Open a web browser and enter the URL: http://yourdomain/asv/activationmanager.aspx.

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