Installation on Shared Hosting Server

You can install the Activation Server on shared hosting servers that provide Windows IIS server with .NET Framework 4.5, and MS Access database. And, the most important requirements are


         Permissions for .NET DLL, code behind, and /bin folder

         .NET Full Trust Level

which are needed to execute a native DLL component of the Activation Server. Under your own server, cloud server, or dedicated hosting server, there, you basically own the server or a virtual one. However, many hosting providers do not allow the above requirements under low-cost, shared hosting plans due to security and other reasons. To choose a hosting provider, we suggest that you check and ensure the above requirements first. It would also be better to choose a provider that offers 30-day money back guarantee and see if their support can help in process of installing the Activation Server.


Below are some of the providers that their shared hosting plans support the Activation Server requirements. The installation instructions on these providers are provided, which can be used as guidelines for other providers as well.



To install the Activation Server on other hosting providers, you can do it via the control panel, which varies from one provider to another. Below, we provide a general guideline for the installation focusing on the permissions you need to set for the folders.

To Install Activation Server on a Hosted Server

1.       Upload all files and folders from the following folder to your hosting server:


2.       From the control panel, set the permissions of the following folder to allow Read & Execute/Read for the IWAM_<machine name> user:



3.       Set the permissions of the following folders to allow Read/Write for the IWAM_<machine name> user:






4.       Set the permissions of the following folders to allow Modify/Read/Write for the IWAM_<machine name> user:




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