ElecKey System Overview

ElecKey offers the complete solution for software protection and licensing. It protects software against illegal copy, as well as protects the source code against reverse engineering and tampering. In addition, it provides you the licensing capability to have full control over the distribution of your software. To understand how the ElecKey system works, it essentially includes the following key state-of-the-art technologies:


         Software Protection

         Key System

         Software Licensing


You can integrate the software protection system into your application by using the provided shell protection (wrapper) method or the provided KeyCheck API. The software protection technology basically enforces the application to detect the Key whenever it is started. Hence, any illegal attempt to copy or use the protected application on another computer will not find the valid Key and fail to start.


The Key system is the technology to exploit the unique characteristics of devices (or called hardware signatures) to create the unique, uncopyable protection Key. While the protected application is enforced to detect the Key, it essentially ties the application to the Key device. In addition, the Key system also holds the properties that define the license or limits of the application. The Key system supports several types of devices, including computer, USB flash drive, and mobile device. Hence, it allows you to implement the software protection as Machine License, USB License, and Mobile License, respectively.


The software licensing technology provides methods to allow you to license the protected application. Specifically, it allows you to remotely access the Key of the protected application that is already distributed to the user. Then, you can update the licensing properties of the Key, and turn the application into a wide variety of distributions such as trial version, full version, feature-based license, subscription license, etc. The provided licensing methods include license registration, license activation, license update broadcast, and automatic license update.