ElecKey Integrator Console - Usage

To run ElecKey Integrator in the console mode, you must first create a template file to be passed as an input parameter. The template file can be created by running ElecKey Integrator in the standard GUI mode. You can simply follow the Integrator wizard dialogs to specify the protection settings and options, and then choose to save all the settings as a template file.


The following is the ElecKey Integrator Console command usage.


Usage: EKINTCON <Template File> <Options>


Template File: The template file created by ElecKey Integrator (GUI)


    “/original <Executable File>” = File name of the original executable to be protected

    “/target <Executable File>”   = File name of the protected version of the original



EKINTCON “MyTemplate.stp”

To run EKINTCON with the options:

EKINTCON “MyTemplate.stp” “/original MyApp.exe” “/target MyAppLck.exe”


To Create a Template File from ElecKey Integrator

1.     Run ElecKey Integrator. The wizard dialog box appears.

2.     Follow the dialog boxes and specify the protection settings and options as you want, until the Summary page.

3.     In the Summary page, click the Save Template button. Then, enter a file name for the template.