ElecKey Editions

ElecKey is available in a variety of editions tailored to meet the needs of any ISVs, from individual developers, small, medium, to enterprise sizes. The editions make it easier and affordable for ISVs to choose the solution they need. As the business is expanding, you can upgrade the ElecKey license at any time for more features to meet the growing needs.


The ElecKey standard editions provide software-based copy protection and license management solutions for Windows platforms. In addition, ElecKey is available in special editions that provide cross-platform solutions as well as automatic software update.


         ElecKey MAX. The ElecKey MAX editions offer the cross-operating-system solution that you can protect and license applications running on both Windows and macOS platforms.

         ElecKey EX. The ElecKey EX editions offer the cross-protection-type solution that you can protect applications for both software-based and dongle-based licenses.

         ElecKey PLUS. The ElecKey PLUS editions integrate the UpdateShield features into ElecKey, allowing you to protect your application and add the automatic software update functionality at the same time in one single step.

The ElecKey product is available in two license types. Once you have decided on the ElecKey edition that is right for you, next you can choose between the single and corporate licenses.


         Single License. A single license allows a single person to use the product. The license provides up to 4 activations that you may activate the product on your desktop and laptop computers. A few extra activations are provided in case the license is accidentally lost (e.g. computer crashed).

         Corporate License. A corporate license allows any number of people in a corporation to use the product. The license provides unlimited activations that you can activate the product on any computers owned by the corporation. In addition, the corporate license provides the ElecKey Team Manager tool that allows you to manage the product license. You can restrict or grant permission for different teams, allowing them to use only certain tools and features of the product.