Customizing Error Messages

You can customize the error messages by defining them in the file KCAPI.INI, under the [Error] section. The format is as follows:


<error code> = <error message>


For the customization to take effect, the KCAPI.INI file must be included in your build, and must be placed in the same directory as the protected program and the same directory as the end-user utility programs.


Below is an example of the KCAPI.INI file that redefines the common error messages.



27 = Key not found!

30 = Error writing Key!

33 = Error making Key!

36 = Error destroying Key!

37 = The program has expired!

38 = Invalid date!

44 = This program cannot run on a virtual machine.

59 = Error loading Key device!

60 = Invalid Key device!

62 = Invalid Registration ID!

63 = Invalid License Key!

65 = The program is already running.

66 = Illegal Operation!

68 = The module is not licensed to execute!

74 = License is required!


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