ElecKey Release Notes

Release notes for the official ElecKey releases

ElecKey R3 Releases


Apr 20, 2009
NetKey License Server added support for fault tolerance
The fault tolerance support allows you to have up to 4 servers of NetKey License Server. If one of the NKLSs is down, the protected application can automatically redirect (in background and without interruption) to get or validate the license from the other running NKLS.
NetKey License Server added Setup.msi
NetKey License Server is now provided in both versions: Setup.exe and Setup.msi.
UpdateShield added support for automatic update via FTP
With this added support, you can now choose whether the protected application to download the update via HTTP or FTP from the server.


Mar 23, 2009
Added new feature called 'Automatic License Validation'
This new feature allows you to enable the protected application to automatically connect to the Activation Server to validate the license. It is very useful to deal with credit card fraud payment. You can blacklist the user's accounts on the Activation Server. When those users run the application, it will fail to validate the license and, as a result, the software license will be destroyed immediately.
Activation Server added 'Account Web Service'
The Account Web Service (account.asmx) allows the user to view or edit the user account information on the Activation Server, via the web page or from within the application.
The Instant KeyCheck API is now included in ElecKey 2.0 Express
The KeyCheck API is previously not included in ElecKey 2.0 Express. The InstantProtection part of the KeyCheck API is now added to ElecKey 2.0 Express to give you more choice and flexibility to protect applications.


Feb 24, 2009
Improved Ekag20nt.exe to work better with limited user account
An error writing Key may occur when running the protected application under a limited user account. The updated Ekag20nt.exe is improved to work better with limited user permissions and to resolve this potential problem.

ElecKey (Release 3)

Feb 15, 2009
Added new Registration ID format with Hardware Signature extensions
As an option, you can enable the extended format of Registration ID that includes Hardware Signatures from hard drive, CPU, BIOS, and Ethernet adapter. This extended Registration ID allows you to deploy activation policy to the distribution of your software.
Activation Server added new feature called 'Software Activation Policy'
The Activation Manager and Activation Web Service are updated to support the new Registration ID format with Hardware Signature extensions. When receiving a Registration ID, the Activation Server can automatically verify the Hardware Signature extensions based on the activation policy you specify.
Improved default Registration dialog box to support automatic activation
The default Registration (as well as Transfer) dialog box now supports automatic activation. Specifically, you can enable the 'Activate' button on the dialog box to allow the protected application to connect to the Activation Server and to get activated.