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ElecKey (Release 9)

[+] Network-based licensing protection added the roaming license feature

The network licensing solution and NKLS (NetKey License Server) now support the roaming license feature. Roaming licenses provide greater flexibility and convenience over floating licenses, allowing the user to check out (or borrow) a network license from the NKLS. Then, the user can disconnect from the network, and temporarily use the protected application off-site.

* The roaming license feature is included in the ElecKey Ultimate edition.

* Other ElecKey editions must have the Network Key license prior to upgrade the roaming license feature.

* Existing customers can check and add the Roaming Network License Upgrade from the product upgrades page.

[+] Key Inspector added remote inspection and diagnosis

The Key Inspector tool can provide remote inspection that allows you to inspect the Key system on other machines. The feature can be really useful, particularly when you need to diagnose the licensing problems reported by the user. The diagnosis includes information about the system and the state of the Key, e.g. OS and CPU versions, ElecKey system file versions, Key detection, and error codes.


[+] Added feature for making/updating the USB dongle for network license remotely

The feature allows the user to make the USB dongle for network license from a normal USB flash drive, and update the network license remotely. To enable the feature, start ElecKey Integrator. Choose the Application License type as 'USB License (Dongle)', and choose the Integration Task as 'Build End-User Utilities for Network Key'.

[+] Improved reliability and stability of the Key system

The Key system is improved to better analyze unreliable hardware values returned from some hardware device firmware that may cause the error "Invalid Key device" without any hardware change.

[+] Added end-user licensing support information

The ElecKey Reference Help is updated with the end-user licensing support information that can be useful in setting a licensing policy, handling the licensing issues, and proving the claims made by the user.


[+] Activation Server added support for PayPal SHA-256 IPN

The PayPal KeyGen now supports SHA-256 IPN in accordance to PayPal announcement on merchant security upgrades, which will be effective by June 17, 2016. Customers using PayPal KeyGen must update the latest version of Activation Server (V2.0.8.45) to avoid any disruption of PayPal IPN interface with the Activation Server.

Click here for more details.

[+] KeyCheck for Windows Mobile added support for first storage card

The KeyCheck SDK for Windows Mobile added the ability to create and detect the Key on the first storage card of the Windows Mobile device. This supports ARM CPU only.

[+] Added automatic time correction in the Key system

The system uses the Internet time synchronization to correct the date stamp in the Key automatically in case of the "Invalid date" error. This error may occur in the time-based protection (e.g. evaluation, subscription) when the system clock is set backward to the date before the most recent date stamp in the Key.

[+] Improved EXE Scramble shell protection to support Unicode parameters

[+] Improved ElecKey startup time

The improvement helps to load the ElecKey tools (e.g. ElecKey Integrator, LicenseKey Manager,...) faster that may be an issue on some machine.


[+] Added Registration ID extension with current license status

The option enables the protected application to provide the Registration ID with an extension that includes information about the current license status from the Key on the user machine.

[+] LicenseKey Manager added feature to display user license status

You can enter the extended Registration ID with current license status into LicenseKey Manager, and click 'Check and get User License Status'. The user license status (e.g. license mode, limits, and enabled Module IDs) will be displayed in the Key Properties pane.

[+] System improvement against the error "Invalid Agent!"

The improvement resolved the rare and random occurrence of the error "Invalid Agent!" on some user machine when starting the protected application.

[!] Fixed bug related to the template file in ElecKey Integrator

The fix solved the problem that ElecKey Integrator sometimes does not create the end-user utilities as defined in the template file.

[+] ElecKey and UpdateShield fully tested to support Windows 10


[+] Added Licensed Item IDs

Licensed Item IDs provides a list of Item IDs (1 -224) that allows you to enable/disable for item-based licensing. For example, your application may provide a large set of items such as font types, images, languages, etc. You can assign a different Item ID to each of the items. You can also provide license upgrades to add more items through Item IDs.

[+] Added advanced Key Data

The advanced Key Data allows you to use Key Data to store custom licensing properties you may define such as upgradable values or credits for your application. With support for string addition, you can also provide license upgrades through Key Data. For example, you can issue a License Key to add the new Key Data to the Key on the user machine.

[+] Added KeyCheck Qt Library

The KeyCheck Qt Library includes a set of libraries for Qt that allows you to integrate the software protection and licensing system into your application. The KeyCheck Qt Library currently supports Windows and Mac OS X.

[+] Added switching ElecKey licenses

You can now switch between ElecKey licenses in case you want to activate multiple licenses of the same ElecKey edition on a machine.

[+] Improved KeyCheck SDK for Mac OS X

The improvement fixes the issue that the protected application cannot activate license on some Mac machine.

[!] Fixed bug 'Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression' in Activation Server