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ElecKey (Release 8)

[+] Launched ElecKey MAX edition

ElecKey MAX is the new edition that offers cross-platform support, allowing you to protect applications for Windows and Mac OS X. It also offers an integrated license management solution under a single platform. You can use the licensing tools (including LicenseKey Manager, USB LicenseKey Manager, NetKey License Server, and Activation Server) to issue licenses for your application for Windows and Mac OS X.

[+] Added KeyCheck API for Mac OS X

ElecKey 2.0 Release 8 offers the KeyCheck API that provides cross-platform support for both Windows and Mac OS X. The API for Mac OS X provides the same set of functions and class libraries as in the Windows version, allowing you to easily reuse the same code to protect your application developed by Xcode using Objective-C or C++ languages. The KeyCheck API for Mac OS X is available in ElecKey MAX editions.

[+] Added Key Inspector for Mac OS X

Key Inspector for Mac OS X is a development tool that allows you to inspect the Key system implemented on the Mac machine. It searches all the Keys found on the machine and displays the status of the Key, including Program ID and Key Properties. The tool can be very useful during the development phase, allowing you to track the license status and see if the protected application works as expected.

[+] Added new licensing tool: ElecKey Team Manager

ElecKey Team Manager is the tool that allows you to manage the ElecKey license among your teams or departments. You can restrict or grant permission for different teams to use only certain tools and features of ElecKey, or for a limited time period. For example, the development team is given permission to use the protection and testing tools only, while the licensing team is given permission use to the license management tools. So the teams can collaborate without compromising the security of your software. ElecKey Team Manager is available in ElecKey Corporate license.

[+] Activation Server added Upgrades table

The Upgrades table allows you to create and manage the upgrades for your products. You can define the licensing properties for the upgrades, for example, adding modules/features, renewing subscriptions. And, from the Control page, you can easily upgrade the user account by selecting an upgrade from the list. The upgrade transactions will also be saved and displayed in the history log.

[+] Improved Activation Server to define program names

The Activation Server added a page to allow you to define program/module names. So you can easily refer to the programs by names, instead of Program IDs.


[+] ElecKey Integrator added option for shell protection optimization

The added option allows you to enable/disable shell protection optimization. When enabled, the Integrator attempts to wrap the executable with the technique that is more friendly to anti-virus software. This helps to avoid the issue that some anti-virus software may flag the protected application as suspicious. However, some executable can't be optimized. Disabling the option will allow you to protect more types of the executable.

[+] Added Key location on User Profile folder

The added Key location option allows the Key files to be created on the User Profile (%USERPROFILE%) folder. This option enables the Key system to be specific for a user account. As a result, the protected application will not be licensed by machine. Instead, it will be licensed by user account or Terminal Server session.

[+] Updated KeyCheck API error code ERR_DISK

The KeyCheck class libraries were updated to change the error code constant ERR_DISK from 6 to 262. This error code is returned when the system detects that the hard drive signature has changed, and needs to remake the Key.

[!] Fixed problem causing error message "Incorrect EKAG20NT.EXE version"

The ElecKey system libraries (DLLs) were updated to solve the problem that may cause the error message "Incorrect EKAG20NT.EXE version" on some system.


[+] Updated .NET Encryption shell protection to improve reliability

The .NET Encryption shell protection was updated in response to a specific, rare problem reported by an end-user, which results in an improved reliability.

[+] Updated error message when detecting virtual machine

The error message "Invalid Machine Type" was updated to be clearer as "This program cannot run on a virtual machine." This error message occurs when the protected application runs on a virtual machine, by which making the license on virtual machines is disabled.

[+] Improved UpdateRemoteKey function of the KeyCheck API

The UpdateRemoteKey() function of the KeyCheck API that supports the RKUB (Remote Key Update Broadcast) feature was improved, allowing you to set the default directory of the RKU file.

[!] Fixed bug of the fixed expiration feature in Activation Server

The fix solved the problem that the fixed expiration feature worked only if the account was already activated, but not for a newly created account. The fixed expiration feature enables the Activation Server to save the date the account is activated for the first time. For subsequent activations, the Activation Server automatically calculates and issues a replacement license with the remaining Max-Day from the original activation date.