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[+] Added USB LicenseKey Maker tool for licensing USB dongles via distributor

USB LicenseKey Manager now allows you to create a distributor tool called USB LicenseKey Maker. The tool can be provided to a distributor or third party whom you authorize to make the USB License Key (dongle) on your behalf. You can have full control over the maker tool to set the number of USB License Keys allowed to be made. This feature is available in ElecKey EX Internet/Enterprise/Ultimate.

[+] Added KeyCheck API sample code for C# and VB .NET WPF

The added sample code demonstrates how to interface the KeyCheck API to C# and VB .NET WPF applications.


[+] Added concurrent user licensing for ASP.NET web applications

The KeyCheck API and NetKey License Server (NKLS) now support concurrent user licensing for ASP.NET web applications. The solution provides a simple and easy way to enable the web application to connect to the NKLS, in which you can control the number of concurrent users (or sessions) through License Key (PC License) or USB dongle (USB License). By using the provided NetKey Manager, you can also remotely monitor the active users accessing the web application.

[+] Added KeyCheck API sample code for ASP.NET concurrent user licensing

The added sample code demonstrates how to interface the KeyCheck API to the ASP.NET web application to connect to the NetKey License Server (NKLS), which controls the number of concurrent active users or sessions.


[+] USB LicenseKey Manager added feature to make dongles in bulk via USB hub

USB LicenseKey Manager now supports making USB License Key via USB hub. This can enable you to make the USB dongles in bulk faster and easier.

[+] USB LicenseKey Manager added feature to load content files into USB dongle

The feature allows you to specify the content files such as your application. When making the Key, USB LicenseKey Manager can automatically load the content files into the USB dongle.

[+] USB Key installation utility added command line interface

The USB Key installation utility (Instkey.exe) now supports command line interface. This can be useful to allow the application to run the utility in silent mode, in order to install the Key from the USB dongle to a hard drive automatically.

[+] ElecKey Integrator added command line interface for UpdateShield Builder

The ElecKey Integrator Console (EkIntCon.exe) now supports command line interface for UpdateShield Builder. This allows you to include UpdateShield Builder as one of the stages in the build process. Therefore, you can automatically create all index files, as well as the Online Installer.

[+] Improved NetKey License Server for loading configuration file

When running NetKey License Server (NKLS) in the GUI mode, the default configuration file is loaded from the folder %APPDATA%\NETKEY40EK\NKLS.INI. When running NKLS as a service, depending on the operating system, the default configuration file is loaded from the folder %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\APPLICATIONDATA\NETKEY40EK\NKLS.INI or %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\NETKEY40EK\NKLS.INI.

[+] Improved license enforcement algorithm to detect BIOS update

The improved license enforcement algorithm can detect BIOS update, which does not signify a different machine. Therefore, when the user updates BIOS, the protected application will not cause an invalid Key device error, nor ask to remake the Key.


[+] Activation Server added support for more PayPal transaction types

The PayPal KeyGen, which provides interface between the Activation Server and PayPal IPN, now supports more transaction types including eCheck, Express Checkout, Cart Checkout, and Web Accept.

[!] Fixed issue of EAccessViolation when connecting to web service

The fix solved the EAccessViolation problem, which may occur on some Windows 2003 and 2008 machines, when accessing the web service for online activation.


[+] Updated algorithm to improve USB License Key performance and reliability

The algorithm of writing to the flash-based and SSD-based dongle device (in case of evaluation and limit license mode) is updated to optimize the life cycle of the USB License Key.

[+] Update Server added the update log feature

The Update Server can now keep track of automatic software update performed by the user. The log information includes date/time, version, and status (from downloading, installing, until up-to-date). The update log feature allows you to easily determine which version the user is using, which can be very helpful in several scenarios e.g. when providing technical support. This feature is available in ElecKey Enterprise/Ultimate PLUS and ElecKey EX Enterprise/Ultimate PLUS.


[+] Activation Server added new activation policy for secure evaluation

The new activation policy for secure evaluation enables the Activation Server to accept the activation request if one or more of the hardware signatures is different from those from the previous activation. When distributing software as secure evaluation, this new activation policy ensures that the user cannot reuse the Activation Key to activate the trial software on the same machine.

[+] Improved KeyCheck .NET Component for automatic search of various Key types

The KeyCheck .NET Component is improved to handle automatic search for various types of the Key, including local PC License, network PC License, local USB License, and network USB License. This can be useful if you want to protect and distribute your application as a single version that supports any license types.

[+] Added KeyCheck API sample code for automatic search of 4 license types

The added sample code demonstrates how to interface the KeyCheck .NET Component to automatically search and detect the available Key, in the following order: local USB License, network USB License, local PC License, and network PC License.

[+] Updated documentation for Activation Server, including new tutorials

The ElecKey Reference Help is updated with more information about the Activation Server, including deployment instructions and tutorials. It also includes instructions for installation on a shared hosted server using the Parallels Plesk Panel control panel. The online version of the Activation Server documentation is now available at: http://help.eleckey.net/activationserver.