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[+] Improved limit settings in LicenseKey Manager / USB LicenseKey Manager

In LicenseKey Manager / USB LicenseKey Manager, you can now enable and specify both ExpiredDate and Max-Day limits. In this case, the protected application will be expired when whichever limit is reached first.

[+] End-user utilities added silent mode for online activation

The end-user utilities for the protected application now support the silent mode (without UI) for online activation, including activating, deactivating, and destroying license. You can execute the utilities by passing the Activation Key (e.g. Register 0123-4567-89AB-CDEF-0123).

[+] Added new API function 'InstantProtectionParam'

The Instant KeyCheck API added new function 'InstantProtectionParam' to support the end-user utilities running in the silent mode.


[+] Added feature 'evaluation update' for PC License

The General Evaluation licensing allows the user to start using the trial version immediately after installation. But, to extend the trial period, the user must obtain an evaluation License Key. In case you issue a new evaluation release, you can enable this new feature so that the user can update the trial version to a newer release, and start a new trial period without having to obtain an evaluation License Key.

[+] Improved USB License Key for time-based licensing

You can make the USB License Key (dongle) for time-based licensing (e.g. for evaluating or leasing the application) by specifying the Max-Day limit. In this case, the Day-Count of the license will start when the USB License Key is used to unlock the application for the first time.

[+] Activation Server added feature 'fixed expiration licensing'

This new feature gives an additional option for time-based licensing. By default, the Activation Server issues the license based on the limits set in the MasterID/MasterLicense. If you allow reactivation, the Activation Server will issue a replacement license with the full Max-Day that could extend the original license. By enabling this new feature, the Activation Server can save the date the user account is licensed for the first time. For reactivation, the Activation Server automatically calculates and issues a replacement license with the remaining Max-Day to the original fixed expiration date.

[+] Updater added feature 'online installer'

You can now build the Updater as an Online Installer that can automatically download the software, and then execute the embedded script files to perform the installation. The Online Installer can also perform automatic update to check for the new software version.

[+] Added code examples for implementing PC License/USB License

The code examples demonstrate how to use the KeyCheck API to implement PC License/USB License to protect and license applications.


[+] Updater added download resume capability

The Updater now features download resume capability that can resume unfinished download due to any reason such as lost connections, slow servers, computer shutdowns, etc. The resume capability can restart the download in the middle, without having to restart all over again.


[+] Added feature of embedding System Image for the Instant KeyCheck API

This new feature gives you the option to embed the System Image to your executable, instead of creating and deploying it as a SIF file.

[+] Improved reliability of the Key system

The Key system is improved to solve the problem (although rare in occurrence) related to Key loss for an unknown reason.

[!] Fixed bug of returning KeyData by the KeyCheck API

The fix solved the problem that KeyCheck .NET Component, KeyCheck .NET CF Component, and KeyCheck .NET C# class library do not return the last data of the KeyData property.

[!] Fixed bug of FTP download in the UpdateShield system

The fix solved the problem related to FTP password that causes a failure to FTP download.

[!] Fixed bug of .NET Encryption shell protection

The fix solved the issue that, in some machines, the protected application using the .NET Encryption shell protection may not start.


[+] Added feature 'module upgrade installation' for USB License Key

This new feature gives you the option to allow USB License Key installation to add licensed Module IDs to the previously installed Harddisk Key.

[!] Fixed bug related to USB License Key installation

The fix solved the problem that, after the Key is removed from a computer back to the USB License Key, it could not be installed to another computer.


[+] Improved shell protection for .NET Framework 4.0

The .NET Encryption shell protection is improved to be more compatible with applications targeting .NET Framework 4.0.

[+] More customization of the license registration/activation dialog box

ElecKey Integrator added the option to allow more customization of the license registration/activation dialog box. You can set the dialog box to include license registration only, online activation followed by manual activation, manual activation followed by online activation, or online activation only.

[+] Activation Manager added the ability to email the Activation Key

The 'Send Email' button is added for the activation accounts that allow you to click to send email containing the Activation Key to the user.


[+] Added PayPal KeyGen interface for Activation Server

The PayPal KeyGen is an interface that is compatible with the PayPal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) protocol and messages. It enables you to integrate the Activation Server with the PayPal payment gateway service, and allows you to automate the whole process of selling and licensing software, including accepting PayPal payments, generating Activation Key, and sending order confirmation email.

[+] Added USB License code examples for MS-Access, MS-Excel and MS-Word Macro

The code examples demonstrate how to use the KeyCheck API to implement USB License dongle to protect and license MS-Access, MS-Excel and MS-Word Macro applications.

[+] Improved shell protection to support Free Pascal compiler

The shell protection wrapper is improved to support DOS applications compiled by Free Pascal compiler.

[!] Fixed bug causing error message "Access Violation"

The fix solved the problem that, in some machines, the agent Ekag20nt.exe gives the error message "Access Violation".


[+] Added NetKey Manager for NetKey License Server

The new NetKey Manager is a program that can access the NKLS service process remotely through the network. It enables you to monitor and control the NKLS from any workstation. The NetKey Manager program is provided with full source code in C# for customization.

[+] Added NetKeyManager .NET Component

The NetKeyManager .NET Component is a powerful and easy-to-use component for developing an application to monitor and control the NKLS service process.

[+] Added NKLS support for NAT connections

While the NKLS provides client authorization based on IP address, it can now detect NAT connections. You can specify whether or not to allow the specified client IP addresses behind a NAT to connect to the NKLS. You can also specify and restrict the NAT IP address.


[+] Added Updater support for limited user account

The new Updshl Service (Updshsvc.exe) is a Windows Service program that is designed to overcome the problem of the limited user account that does not have installation privileges. As a Windows Service, the Updshl Service is started before the user logs into Windows and has the system account with more privileges. When the Updater (Updshl10.exe) runs under the limited user account, it interfaces with the Updshl Service that helps to install program and complete the automatic update task.

[!] Fixed bug in the Updater

The fix solved the problem that the Updater is sometimes halted when the protected application is closed.

[!] Fixed minor bug in ElecKey Integrator command line interface

The fix solved the problem that you cannot run the ElecKey Integrator console from outside of its directory.


[+] Added KeyCheck ActiveX Automation Server

The new KeyCheck ActiveX Automation Server allows you to integrate the protection and licensing system to web browser-based applications. The ActiveX Automation Server supports both Local Key and Network Key.

[+] Added code examples for the KeyCheck ActiveX

The code examples demonstrate how to use JavaScript and VB6 to interface the KeyCheck ActiveX in web browser-based applications.

ElecKey (Release 7)

[+] Added USB dongle-based protection and licensing solution

ElecKey 2.0 Release 7 now supports both PC License and USB License. PC License is software-based protection that the Key is implemented on the hard disk drive. USB License is dongle-based protection that the Key is implemented on a USB drive. Using USB License, the user must attach the USB dongle to the computer to run the protected application.

[+] Added new licensing tool: USB LicenseKey Manager

USB LicenseKey Manager is the tool for licensing the application protected as USB License. You can easily make and turn a USB drive into a USB License Key (dongle) to license your application.

[+] Launched ElecKey EX version

ElecKey EX is the new version that offers both software-based and USB dongle-based protection and licensing solutions.