USB Dongle License

Dongle-based copy protection that ties the application to a physical USB flash drive attached to the computer.
USB Dongle License

Make Unlimited USB License Dongles

It's one of the most flexible and cost-effective solutions in the industry.
The provided USB LicenseKey Manager allows you to make USB license dongles for licensing your software. You can make as many dongles as you want, from normal USB flash drives. It's royalty free!
Fast & Easy
You can easily make USB license dongles in bulk through a USB hub. USB LicenseKey Manager will scan for the attached USB flash drives and make the dongles automatically.
Ready for Distribution
USB LicenseKey Manager automatically loads the content files of your software onto the USB dongle, making it ready for distribution to users.
Various Licensing Options
USB LicenseKey Manager provides various licensing options, e.g. usage-based, time-based, and feature-based. So you can license your software in different versions such as evaluation, subscription, and featured distribution.

USB Dongle License Installation to Machine License

Take advantages of both USB License & Machine License at once.
While USB license dongle offers more flexibility for moving the license between machines, it takes up a USB slot. With the license installation option, you can deploy and take advantages of both USB License and Machine License for licensing your software. The user will be able to install the license from the USB dongle onto a machine as Machine License, without having to attach the USB dongle each time. The user can also uninstall the license to switch it back to the USB dongle.
Install Key Utility
Allows the user to install/uninstall the license between the USB dongle and a hard drive. You can create the utility via USB LicenseKey Manager and include it as part of your software. The utility UI is fully customizable. It is also available in command-line mode, which can be very useful for providing automated license installation.

Make USB License Dongles Remotely via License Key

An even faster and better way of delivering USB license dongles online.
In today's high-speed world, why let your customers wait for you to ship the license dongle? Our solution allows you to provide an even faster and better way of delivering the license dongle online. The user will be able to make the USB license dongle from a USB flash drive instantly via a License Key, while you still have full control of the licensing of your software.
How it works
You would create the Register utility for USB dongle license (via ElecKey Integrator) and distribute it as part of your software. When the user runs the utility, it will ask to attach a USB flash drive. Then, display the registration dialog box.
When the user registers with the Registration ID, you can use LicenseKey Manager to generate the License Key to be returned to the user. When the License Key is entered, the Register utility will make the USB license dongle that is ready for use instantly.

USB LicenseKey Maker for Third Party

Let a third party to license your software without compromising security.
In many scenarios, you would want to authorize a third party to make USB license dongles on your behalf, for a limited number only. The third party could be, for example, a distributor who helps to market and sell your software, a manufacturer who produces and packages your software product, or a person whom you authorize to make the USB license dongle.
While USB LicenseKey Manager allows you to make unlimited USB license dongles, it also provides a distributor tool called USB LicenseKey Maker, which allows you to license your software via a third party.
How it works
The USB LicenseKey Maker tool can be provided to a third party, along with the deployment of the Activation Server. The maker tool must connect to the Activation Server via the Internet, and get authorized before each use. Therefore, you can have full control over the maker tool. You can set the number of USB license dongles allowed to be made, as well as monitor the logs of all dongles that were made.