Software Update

A quick and simple solution to enhance your software with the ability to check for updates, download, and install automatically.
Software Update

Simple, Easy, No Programming Needed

Instantly add the automatic update capability to your application.
The state-of-the-art shell protection provides a fast and easy way to add the automatic update capability to your application. You don't need to add or modify any source code. The shell protection supports standard executables including EXE, DLL, OCX, and .NET assembly, for Win32, Win64, and .NET applications.
UpdateShield Integrator
How it works
The automatic update solution is available in both UpdateShield and ElecKey PLUS products. Simply run the provided Integrator tool. Specify your original executable file, a new file name for the protected version, and follow the wizard dialogs. The Integrator will wrap over the original executable with the shell protection, which has the ability to interface with the Updater, and then create the protected version that is ready for distribution to the user.
ElecKey PLUS (UpdateShield)
ElecKey PLUS is the edition that combines both ElecKey and UpdateShield into a single product. So you can easily use ElecKey Integrator to protect your application and add the automatic update capability simultaneously in one single task.

Code Protection

Protect your intellectual property against reverse engineering.
Besides the automatic update feature, the state-of-the-art shell protection offers code protection to protect your software, algorithms, and intellectual property against tampering and reverse engineering. Several technologies are employed to defend against any possible attack, to make it extremely difficult, complex, and time consuming.
Code Protection
Anti-Debugging and Anti-Tracing
The shell protection transparently and continuously monitors the run time to detect if it is run under control of a debugger. If detected, the shell protection immediately terminates the executable. In addition, the shell protection itself is designed with complicated and confused logics to protect against debugging and tracing.
Code Encryption
The whole native executable or managed assembly is encrypted to safeguard against decompilation and disassembly. The shell protection only decrypts the needed code just before the run time in memory. After execution, the code is immediately returned to its encrypted state.
The shell protection regularly performs integrity check when calling the executable, to protect against tampering, modification, and virus infection. If a checksum is found invalid, the shell protection immediately terminates the executable.

Smart Updater with Rich Features

Flexible deployment, automatic download resume, HTTP & FTP download, and more.
The Updater is an agent for the application that runs in background and performs automatic update tasks including check for updates, download, and installation. It includes a rich set of features and customization options to meet your deployment needs.
From Simple to Advanced Deployment
When a new version is available, simply place a new server-side index file on the server. The Updater regularly validates its client-side index file against the server-side index file and will download and install the new version automatically. In advanced deployment, you can setup the Update Server for software update management such as update subscription.
Automatic Download Resume
The Updater includes the automatic download resume capability that can resume the download in the middle without having to restart all over again. The Updater can resume unfinished download due to any reason such as lost connection, slow server, network problems. If the computer is shutdown, when turned on, the Updater can also resume the download automatically.
The Updater supports download via the HTTP/HTTPS and FTP protocols. In case of FTP, the Updater can automatically logon to the server using the provided username and password.
Online Installer
You can configure the Updater to create an online installer (aka web setup, online setup) for your software. It is a small-size executable that can download the actual setup file from the server and install the software automatically. One of the advantages of using online installer is that the user always gets to download and install the latest version.

UpdateCheck API

Greater Flexibility and Better Seamless Integration.
UpdateCheck API
The UpdateCheck API offers an alternative to the shell protection, which provides greater flexibility and better seamless integration to add the automatic software update system into your application. You can make customization as you want such as the Updater style, update notification, or adding the 'Check for Updates' menu into your application GUI.
UpdateCheck Class Library
The UpdateCheck Class Library provides a collection of classes that encapsulate the standard API functions, allowing you to integrate the automatic software update system into your application faster and easier. The provided class libraries include C#, VB.NET, VC.NET, VB, VC++, Delphi, and C++ Builder.
UpdateCheck .NET Component
The UpdateCheck .NET Component provides an easy-to-use component that is fully integrated with Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It provides a simpler and easier way to add the automatic software update system into .NET applications using visual and event-driven programming.