Node-Locked License

Software-based copy protection that ties the application to a computer via its hardware fingerprints (CPU, BIOS, HDD, Ethernet).
Node-Locked License

Secure Software Distribution

Distribute your software with confidence, knowing that each copy is secured.
When started for the first time, the protected application creates the Key automatically on the hard drive that stores the machine hardware fingerprints. While the application is enforced to check and validate the Key, it is essentially locked to the machine. In addition, the protection system employs several tamper proofing techniques to safeguard against piracy attempts.
Non-Reusable License Key
When the user starts the application (not yet licensed), the registration dialog box pops up. The user must register to obtain a License Key in order to unlock the application. As the Registration ID is randomly generated, each copy or installation will generate a new different Registration ID. Therefore, the user can never reuse the same License Key.
Uncopyable Key
Any attempts to backup, copy, or modify the Key files will cause them to be seen as corrupted. As a result, the application will be non-functioning and require a new license.
Timestamp Validation
The protection system records and checks against the timestamp when the application is started. Any attempt to turn back the system clock (date) will invalidate the timestamp, causing the application to be non-functioning.

Serial Key Licensing

Turn your software into different versions easily through licensing.
The provided LicenseKey Manager allows you to generate License Key (or serial key) to license your software, and turn it into different versions. The tool provides various options for usage-based, time-based, and feature-based licensing. You can mix and match the options to create a variety of licensing schemes for your software. Here are some examples.
Create shareware (or trialware) that users can try before buy. The scheme uses simple registered name/License Key to activate the full license.
Create a trial version that users can try, using random Registration ID/non-reusable License Key to activate the full license. The scheme offers higher security than traditional shareware.
Secure Evaluation
Create a more secure trial version that users must register for an evaluation key before use.
Feature-based License
Turn on/off the licensed modules to be encoded into the License Key. Or, add/change the modules for license upgrade.
Subscription License
Generate and send the user a new License Key that can renew or extend the subscription period.

Fully Customizable Dialog Boxes - in Any Languages.

Seamlessly integrate the licensing as part of your software.
You can enable/disable and customize the registration and license related dialog boxes (e.g. license info, expiration alert) as you want for seamless integration to your application. Two customization approaches are provided.
Standard Windows Forms Dialog Box
You can edit the text of the dialog boxes, e.g. caption, messages, labels, and buttons. For the Register button, you can set a click event action. For instance, to link and send the Registration ID to your website automatically, or to execute a program for further actions.
HTML Dialog Box
This unique feature offers even more customization. You can customize the dialog boxes as simple as editing a HTML file, which you can change the layout and fonts, use CSS style, add images, etc. You can even use JavaScript or VBScript to add more functionality.

End-User Licensing Support

The provided utilities make it simple to handle software licenses.
Besides software licensing, our complete solution provides end-user licensing support that enables the user to handle the software license easily in situations. The end-user utilities are created automatically when you use ElecKey Integrator to protect your application. These utilities can be included as part of your software for distribution to the user.
Register Utility
Allows the user to register and activate the license. The utility can be useful if your application is a DLL, or runs as a service.
Transfer Utility
Allows the user to transfer the license from one machine to another.
Remake Utility
Allows the user to remake the license in situations where the Key might get corrupted.
Destroy Utility
Allows the user to destroy the license, which the utility will generate a Destroy-Code for confirmation. In case of refund request, you can verify from the Destroy-Code if the user has indeed removed the license from the machine.