License Registration

A simple and easy solution for software license management allowing you to take control over software distribution via License Key.
License Registration

Software Registration with Serial Key

A simple and easy license management solution for small-to-medium ISVs.
Software registration is one of the most common and widely used licensing schemes. It offers a simple and easy license management solution. The scheme requires the user to register the software to activate the license. So it allows you to collect the user information as well as a license fee, before issuing the License Key (or serial key) to the user.
software registration
How it works
With the application providing a Registration ID, the user can use it to register for a license. The user may send you the Registration ID via email, phone, fax, etc. In the simplest setup, you can easily use the provided LicenseKey Manager tool to verify the Registration ID, define the licensing properties, and then generate the License Key to be returned to the user.
In addition, LicenseKey Manager allows you to issue the License Key for license renewal and upgrade. In case of a refund, it allows you to verify the recevied Destroy-Code and determine if the user has indeed destroyed the license.

LicenseGen SDK

Fully customize your license management system through the SDK.
The provided LicenseGen SDK (Software Development Kit) allows you to develop your own license management system. It supports many Windows programming languages through the 32/64-bit DLL, ActiveX, and .NET Library. Below are some examples of ways you can use the SDK.
  • Develop a customized licensing application (similar to LicenseKey Manager) with expanded capability as you want.
  • Develop a licensing application that is integrated into your sales and support system environment.
  • Develop an automated web-based licensing system that is integrated into your ecommerce workflow.
LicenseGen SDK

Automated Web-Based Registration

Let license management and your business run automatically on autopilot.
Web Registration
When your business is growing, you need a more efficient way to issue and manage licenses. Especially, if your software is distributed electronically through the Internet, sales can occur at any time 24/7. The provided LicenseGen SDK (Software Development Kit) allows you to build a web-based registration system that can help to automate the daily task of issuing licenses.
The web-based registration system can be integrated into your website, including workflows such as shopping cart, credit card payment, etc. So you can put your business on autopilot, without having to monitor incoming orders and manually issue the License Key to users. Besides, the web-based registration system also allows the user to register software and obtain the License Key instantly on-demand.