Software License Management

License Management

Software license management offers the solution that allows you to manage licenses and gain full control over the distribution of your software. It provides a complete, integrated solution for every stage of software distribution, from license registration, license activation, license upgrade, to license deactivation, as well as ecommerce integration.

Integrated License Management Solution Across Platforms

One single licensing system for all your software, with no hassle from different vendors.

Sciensoft software security provides support for a wide range of platforms and licensing schemes. So, whether you offer your software across different platforms or across different license types, you can have one single system that you can manage licenses for all your software. There is on hassle having to implement many licensing systems from different vendors.

Supported Microsoft Applications

Windows 16/32/64-bit, .NET, Windows CE/Mobile, DOS

Supported Apple Applications

macOS 32/64-bit

Various Management Approaches for Your Licensing Needs

From simple, manual to fully automated, ecommerce integrated solutions.

There are a variety of approaches you can choose to manage licenses and distribution of your software - from simple, manual to fully automated, ecommerce integrated solutions. The key solutions include:

License Registration

License registration offers a simple and easy license management solution. It allows the user to register the software via a Registration ID, by which you can license the software by using the provided LicenseKey Manager tool to generate the License Key. To automate the task, you can use the LicenseGen SDK to integrate the licensing system into your environment.

License Activation

License activation offers a more powerful, flexible, and efficient license management solution. The provided Activation Server allows you to deploy an automated online activation service for your software. In addition, the solution provides ready-to-use interfaces for ecommerce providers including PayPal and Share-it (Digital River).

LicenseGen SDK

Fully customize your license management system through the SDK.

The provided LicenseGen SDK (Software Development Kit) allows you to develop your own license management system. It supports many Windows programming languages through the 32/64-bit DLL, ActiveX, and .NET Library. Below are some examples of ways you can use the SDK.

  • Develop a customized licensing application (similar to LicenseKey Manager) with expanded capability as you want.
  • Develop a licensing application that is integrated into your sales and support system environment.
  • Develop an automated web-based licensing system that is integrated into your ecommerce workflow.