ElecKey Release 9

USB LicenseKey Manager

USB LicenseKey Manager is the licensing tool that allows you to define licensing properties (e.g. usage-based, time-based, and feature-based) and make USB license dongles for software distribution.

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Technical Specifications

System Requirements:

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, x86 and x64

Licensing Properties

Main Licensing:

Max # of days allowed

Max # of years allowed

Expiration date, and started date

Max # of executions allowed


Feature Licensing:

Enable/disable up to 30 licensed modules

Network Licensing:

Max # of concurrent users

Network boundary (local or internetwork)

IP address (private or public address)

USB Key Installation to HDD:

Max # of installations allowed

Module installation for license upgrade

Advanced Licensing:

Encrypted data up to 64 bytes

User ID

Key Features & Benefits

Make Your Own USB License Dongles - Unlimited!

USB LicenseKey Manager allows you to make USB license dongles from normal USB flash drives. With the provided limits and options, you can use the USB license dongle to license your software in many different ways. You can also mix and match the limits to create a wide variety of licensing models, for example, evaluation version, full feature version, time-limited subscription version, etc.

Key Installation Option

The Key installation option allows you to make the USB license dongle that can be installed on to a hard drive. This makes it very convenient for the user to run the application without having to attach the USB dongle to the computer every time. The user can also uninstall the license back to the USB dongle to transfer the license from one computer to another.

USB LicenseKey Maker for Distributor / Third Party

While USB LicenseKey Manager is the developer tool, it also allows you to create a distributor tool called USB LicenseKey Maker. The maker tool can be provided to a distributor or third party whom you authorize to make the USB license dongle on your behalf. Through the Activation Server, you can have full control over the maker tool to set the number of USB License Keys allowed to be made, as well as monitor the logs of all USB License Keys that were made.

* This feature is available in ElecKey EX Internet/Enterprise/Ultimate editions.