Team Manager

The team licensing tool allows you to manage the ElecKey license among your teams and grant permissions for access to certain tools and features.
Team Manager

Key Features & Benefits

Collaboration without Compromising Security
When several people or teams share and use the ElecKey tools, it is important that only an authorized person has permission to generate and manage licenses. So the security of your software is not compromised. ElecKey Team Manager allows you to restrict or grant permission for different teams, allowing them to use only certain tools and features of ElecKey.
A Simple and Easy Way to Share ElecKey
A team can install ElecKey from the same setup package. ElecKey Team Manager allows you to define the licensing properties (i.e. permissions for the tools, features, and time period) and generate the License Key for the team. Or, you can easily use the provided preset teams. For example, the development team is given permission to use the protection and testing tools only, while the licensing team is given permission use to the license management tools.
Technical Specifications
System Requirements:
Windows OS
Licensing Properties
Tool Licensing:
ElecKey Integrator
Key Inspector
LicenseKey Manager
USB LicenseKey Manager
UpdateShield Builder
Feature Licensing:
Program ID
Network Key
Mobile Key
USB License Key
KeyCheck API
UpdateCheck API
Activation Server
Usage Licensing:
Max # of days allowed
Expiration date, and started date