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What are Program ID, Module ID, and Item ID?
Program ID is an identification number that you assign to each of your applications, products, or software titles.
Module ID is an extension of Program ID that you can assign to different programs, modules, or features within an application. Each Program ID can be extended up to 30 Module IDs.
Item ID provides item-based licensing, for example, your application may provide a large set of items such as font types, images, languages, etc. You can assign a different Item ID to each of the items. Each Program ID can support up to 224 Item IDs.

How many Program IDs would I need?
Basically, you assign one Program ID to protect an application. When you issue an upgrade or bug fix, you still use the same Program ID. This makes the upgrade transparent without requiring a new license. If you wish to release a new major version, you assign the new version with a different Program ID. So users who wish to upgrade must register for a new license.
In addition, using Program ID together with Module ID allows you to protect your applications in many different ways. The example below shows how to apply Program ID / Module ID to a product with different editions.
Windows 10 Program ID: 0
– Home Edition – Module ID: 1
– Professional Edition – Module ID: 2
From the above, users who own Windows 10 Home cannot use the features available in Windows 10 Professional. However, they can upgrade edition later through Module ID 2.
The example below shows how to apply Program ID / Module ID to multiple lines of products.
Office 2019 Program ID: 0
– Word – Module ID: 1
– Excel – Module ID: 2
– PowerPoint – Module ID: 3
Visual Studio 2019 Program ID: 0
– C# – Module ID: 1
– VB.NET – Module ID: 2
– VC++.NET – Module ID: 3
From the above, you can license your products based on customer needs. For example, users who want Office with Word only can be licensed through Module ID 1. They can upgrade license to include Excel, PowerPoint through Module ID 2 and 3, respectively.

Can I upgrade ElecKey later if I need additional Program IDs?
Yes, you can upgrade your ElecKey license at any time to purchase additional Program IDs. It is called 'Title Upgrade', which is offered in 1-Title, 2-Title, 4-Title, and 10-Title License Upgrade. Please see the License Upgrade page for details.

Can I upgrade ElecKey from one edition to another - I may need more features in the future?
You can upgrade your ElecKey license later by purchasing the feature packs such as KeyCheck API, Network Key, and Activation Server. Please see the License Upgrade page for details. Note that your originally registered ElecKey edition will stay unchanged after any feature upgrade. But equivalently, the upgraded license will have the features as same as the higher editions such as Internet, Network, Ultimate.

Can a person use the same ElecKey product to unlock my protected application?
No. Each registered copy of ElecKey is assigned with a unique Key ID, which cannot be changed afterward. The assigned Key ID stays in all ElecKey utilities as well as each copy of the protected application. You can only use the same ElecKey system (same Key ID) to issue and manage licenses of the protected application. When other persons register ElecKey, they will have a different system (with different Key ID) that cannot unlock your protected application.

Can I use the ElecKey evaluation copy to test protecting and distributing software?
Yes, it is recommended that you download and try out the ElecKey evaluation copy to ensure that it meets your needs and expectations. However, please remember that you should not distribute your application protected by the evaluation copy. Any ElecKey evaluation copy as well as the application protected by the evaluation copy is assigned the same Key ID of 1111111111. Therefore, the protected application can be easily unlocked by anyone using the ElecKey evaluation copy.