Product Editions

ElecKey editions and options are tailored to meet the need of ISVs, from individuals, small, medium, to enterprise sizes. The editions make it easier and affordable for you to choose the solution you need.

Cross-Platform ElecKey Editions

Start by choosing one of the product editions below.
The cross-platform ElecKey editions work as follows. The Windows platform and software-based licensing solution are included in all editions. The MAX editions add the support for application running on Mac, and the EX editions add the USB dongle-based licensing solution. You may start with one of the editions, for example, ElecKey standard. Later, you can upgrade your ElecKey license to add more features (e.g., macOS support, USB Key) when needed. See the license upgrade page for details.


ElecKey standard is the most popular edition and widely used by software developers and publishers for the application running on Windows. The software-based protection and licensing solution allows you to distribute your software securely online over the Internet.
Start from US$ 245

ElecKey EX

ElecKey EX edition offers cross protection-type solution that supports software-based and USB dongle-based protection and licensing solution. It exclusively includes USB LicenseKey Manager that allows you to make unlimited USB license dongles from USB flash drives.
Start from US$ 645

ElecKey MAX

ElecKey MAX edition offers cross operating-system solution that supports software-based protection and licensing solution for the application on Windows and macOS. It exclusively includes the KeyCheck SDK for Mac that allows you to secure your macOS application.
Start from US$ 845

ElecKey MAX EX

ElecKey MAX EX edition offers double cross platform solution. It includes both USB LicenseKey Manager and the KeyCheck SDK for Mac that support software-based and USB dongle-based protection and licensing solution for the application running on Windows and macOS.
Start from US$ 1,045

Solution Options

Get savings on the software and tools you need.
The solution options offer various sets of software and tools to meet your needs. They also offer greater savings than upgrading your ElecKey license incrementally at later times.


Offers simple license management, designed for individuals, small ISVs who want a quick and easy solution to secure software distribution.


Offers more customizable software protection, designed for small-to-medium ISVs who want enhanced security and better seamless integration.


Offers comprehensive software license management, designed for growing ISVs of all sizes who want to automate the entire licensing process.


Offers comprehensive software protection, designed for small-to-medium ISVs who want the network licensing solution for corporate users.

Enterprise, Ultimate

Offer comprehensive software protection and license management, designed for medium-to-enterprise ISVs who want the full set of our complete system.

PLUS (UpdateShield)

ElecKey UpdateShield
The PLUS option integrates the UpdateShield features into ElecKey, allowing you to protect your application and add the software update functionality at the same time in one single step.
The Express/Professional/Internet/Network PLUS include UpdateShield Professional. The Enterprise, Ultimate PLUS includes UpdateShield Enterprise with the Update Server, and the solution for automatic license update/validation and software subscription.

License Types

Single vs Corporate License.
The ElecKey product is available in two license types. Once you have decided on the ElecKey edition that is right for you, next you can choose between the single and corporate licenses.

Single License

A single license allows a single person to use the product. The license provides up to 4 activations, which you may activate the product on your desktop and laptop computers. A few extra activations are provided in case the license is accidentally lost (e.g. computer crashed).

Corporate License

A corporate license allows any number of people in a corporation to use the product. The license provides unlimited activations. You can activate the product on any computers owned by the corporation.
In addition, the corporate license provides the Team Manager tool that allows you to manage your ElecKey license among your teams or departments. You can grant the permissions for different teams to use only certain tools and features of ElecKey. So the teams can collaborate without compromising the security of your software.
ElecKey Team Manager